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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has a population of 2.0 million and is the 24th largest city in the United States of America. Pittsburgh has 51 commercial radio stations. The largest radio station owners are Clear Channel Radio, CBS Radio, Renda, Saul Frischling, Keymarket PA, Sheridan Broadcasting, ESPN, and Salem Communications. The most listened to radio stations are WDVE-FM (Classic Rock), KDKA-AM (News Talk), WDSY-FM (Country), WSHH-FM (Adult Contemporary), and WPGB-FM (Talk). Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the 24th largest radio market in the country. The largest locally owned radio station group is Renda headquartered in xx. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers (National Football League), Pittsburgh Pirates (Major League Baseball), Pittsburgh Penguins (National Hockey League), as well as the University of Pittsburgh and Temple College sports teams.

As well as Pittsburgh, other large cities in Pennsylvania include Philadelphia.

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