09 of 10 Mirza Sultan Baig as Nizam Din of Radio Pakistan Lahore Punjabi Program

October 6, 2011

www.murad.pk Nizam Din (Mirza Sultan Baig) – a legendry Radio artist and who acted in film Billo in 1952 died on July 4, 1991. This great artist performed in programs like “Jamhoor di awaz”, “Sohni Dharti”, “Dehati Program” broadcasted from Radio Pakistan Lahore. Mirza Sultan Baig was a legendary artist who is unique in his Punjabi speaking RADIO Pakistan has played a significant role to save Punjabi language and literature from extinction by broadcasting plays, folk songs and some programmes in it for the villagers. Some of the prominent writers who emerged through radio are Kartar Singh Duggal, Balwant Gargi and Amrita Preetam. Om Prakash appeared as a character with Chaudhry Nizam Din in the Dehati Programme and on the basis of that performance, he was welcomed by the Bombay film industry. Mirza Sultan Baig and Abdul Latif (popular characters of Nizam Din and Chaudhri Sahib of Punjabi programme broadcast live every evening) were popular characters of Radio Pakistan Lahore. These were the talented people who made Radio Pakistan what it was. Then there were those who lent their voices to Radio Pakistan. Our announcers and presenters included such men as Mustafa Ali Hamdani, Akhlaq Ahmed Delhavi, Aziz ur Rehman, Nasreen Mahmood, Khalida were great people. Radio Pakistan Lahore’s legendry artist Nizam Din (Mirza Sultan Baig) from “Jamhoor di awaz” played a role in Punjabi film “Billo” (1951). The real name of this film was “Meerasi” which was changed after the protest from
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